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How The Best Vietnamese Restaurant Came To Portland To Follow The American Dream

How The Best Vietnamese Restaurant In Portland Followed The American Dream

…n a soup shop in Vietnam? The beef tenderloin, sliced pork, and pork meatloaf combine with the noodles and banana flower garnish to give a nice contrast of texture and flavors. Definitely My Favorite Vietnamese Restaurant In Portland I’ve never eaten at a Vietnamese restaurant that does what William and Christina are doing. They aren’t serving restaurant food, but home cooked food that’s slowly simmered from the love in their…

My Favorite Dish Right Now In Portland

My Favorite Dish Right Now In Portland Comes From A Food Cart

It’s summer in Portland. It’s hot. You want dinner, but nothing too heavy. I recommend going to have this incredible dish from Bibingka food cart. Bibingka is right next to my other favorite food cart in Portland, Gumba. Or it is right now, anyway. Sadly, this small little pod of food carts is going to have to move. Bibingka serves Filipino food, and this dish was so good, that I went back less than a week later to have it again…

7 Of The Best Chicken Spots In Portland

7 Of The Best Chicken Spots In Portland

Jerk Chicken At Jamaican Homestyle Cuisine One thing’s for sure. Chicken seems to be the next big thing in food in Portland. Whether you like yours fried, smoked, roasted or jerked, Portland has a place for it. Here are the places where I’ve found the best chicken. 1. Jerk Chicken At Jamaican Homestyle Cuisine Jamaican Homestyle Cuisine serves the best jerk chicken in Portland. The owner serves her family recipes from Jamaica, and…

authentic Mexican food Portland

Taqueria Los Alambres-Authentic Mexican Food In Portland, Oregon

A gordita from Los Alambres There are several great choices for authentic Mexican food in Portland, but my favorite of favorites is Taqueria Los Alambres. The owners are from Mexico City, and it shows in their food. Just off 82nd avenue, this taco truck has a nice covered seating area, so it’s perfect for visiting during any type of weather. Los Alambres has one of the biggest menus I’ve seen at a taco truck, and everything they…

Your Around The World Juice Guide

Your Around The World Fresh Juice Bar Guide

…alsamic Honey Dressing. After that treat yourself to the best coffee in Chiang Mai from Bay’s Coffee which is at the same location. 4. Kure Juice Bar, Portland, Oregon Kure Juice Bar is an incredible fresh juice bar in Portland, Oregon. The Portland Farmacy is my favorite juice, made of cucumber, spinach, kale, parsley, celery, romaine, lime, apple, and cayenne. They also have incredible smoothies like The Lush Life made of pineapple,…

food around the world Valen Dawson Eating The Globe thai foods

Food Around The World: The Best Foods To Travel For

…er-Portland, Oregon A photo posted by Yakuza Lounge PDX (@yakuzapdx) on Jan 2, 2015 at 2:50pm PST I’ve had a lot of great burgers in my life, but, for me, nothing tops the umami flavor of the burger at Yakuza Lounge in Portland, Oregon. It is topped with chevre, arugula, shoestring potatoes, catsup, and spicy mayo, but I’m convinced the secret ingredient must be crack. It’s that good. Order it medium rare. For other suggestions…

Otis Cafe: The Oregon Coast Restaurant You Can't Miss

Otis Cafe: The Oregon Coast Restaurant You Can’t Miss

…rvice The service is also friendly at Otis Cafe. It’s the kind of family run place that you seldom find anymore. It’s rustic, homey, and real, and it’s one of those places you’ll remember just as much as you remember the beautiful Oregon coast. Or at least, almost. Address: 1259 Salmon River Hwy, Otis, OR 97368 Phone: (541) 994-2813 Also headed to Portland? Make sure to check out my Portland restaurant recommendations….

Cherng Doi best grilled chicken Chiang Mai restaurants

Thailand: The Best Chiang Mai Restaurants

…ao Soi Lam Duan. They make it perfectly. The perfect amount of spiciness, not too sweet (too many places make it too sweet for me), just the slightest touch of coconut milk. This is also Andy Ricker’s favorite (chef of Portland’s Pok Pok and the one who gave Anthony Bourdain a tour of Chiang Mai). 5. Cherng Doi Grilled pork steak with Jaew sauce Kai Yang Nong Krob or grilled chicken is one of my favorite Thai dishes, and no one does it…

khao soi thai foods

My Favorite Khao Soi In Chiang Mai At Khao Soi Lam Duan

…the rice noodles, the bubbling spicy hot broth, the crunchy egg noodles on top, biting into a sour cool piece of cabbage that cools off your mouth. I love everything about khao soi. I have to agree with Andy Ricker, chef of Portland’s Pok Pok on this one. Khao Soi Lam Duan is my favorite place to get khao soi in Chiang Mai. They make it perfectly. The perfect amount of spiciness, not too sweet (too many places make it too sweet for me),…

Pescau Restaurant in San Miguel de Allende

Something’s Fishy At Pescau Restaurant In San Miguel, Mexico

…you are asking me to cook? And second of all, I didn’t go out to dinner so that I could cook. No, I’m paying you to cook for me. Don’t expect me to make my own guacamole. This reminds me of a restaurant in Portland, OR where I used to live. Now, I don’t know how they got people roped into this, but this restaurant actually got people to pay them to come in and make their own pancakes. Now, I am not going to pay someone…