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Valen Dawson Eating The Globe

Hello, I’m Valen. I’ve always been passionate about food and travel. My two most-used phrases as a child were, “Let me eat,” and “Let’s go exploring!” My favorite things to do are exploring new restaurants, street carts, hosting dinner parties and traveling to see the rest of the world.

I often plan my travels around the food that I want to try in other countries, so I am happy to share my experiences with you by bringing you this website. I am here to give you news of great restaurants, both fine-dining and the hole-in-the-walls. I will tell you where to find the best street food, let you know which foods you can’t miss when you are visiting certain countries, and of course, bring you recipes and advice. So unfold your napkin, and let’s begin!

Contact Me

I am available for culinary travel consultations, speaking engagements and freelance food and travel assignments. Email me at [email protected]. Also, if you want to discover exotic islands, beaches, tropical locations, and other hidden vacation spots, don’t miss my other site This Way To Paradise.

Valen Dawson Eating The Globe

Photography by Stasia Garraway

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