The Zipolite Restaurants Guide: The Restaurants You Have To Visit (And A Few You Shouldn’t)

The Zipolite Restaurants Guide: The Restaurants You Have To Visit (And A Few You Shouldn’t)

Zipolite Restaurants in Oaxaca, Mexico are some of my favorite. You can get the freshest seafood without spending much money. You can find great traditional Oaxaca Mexican food, Italian food, and wonderful breakfasts. I didn’t have time to try them all on my one-week visit, but here were my favorite Zipolite restaurants.

The Zipolite Restaurants Guide

The Zipolite Restaurants Guide: The Restaurants You Have To Visit (And A Few You Shouldn't)

1. El Alquimista

The Zipolite Restaurants Guide: The Restaurants You Have To Visit (And A Few You Shouldn't)

El Alquimista is my favorite restaurant in Zipolite. I ate breakfast and lunch here almost every day. I enjoyed the range of offerings they had for breakfast from Mexican specialties to baguette and croissant sandwiches. The fresh juices and coffee were also very good.

Zipolite: A Complete Travel Guide El Alquimista food

El Alquimista Greek Salad With Goat Cheese and Chicken

I spent each day on the comfortable mattresses that El Alquimista has on the beach, so I loved that I could enjoy lunch without even getting up. El Alquimista offers wonderful ceviche and salads. They have a brick oven as well, so don’t miss the pizza! They also offer the most romantic setting on the beach at night with candlelit tables and candles set in all the surrounding rocks.

Zipolite: A Complete Travel Guide El Alquimista Restaurant

El Alquimista breakfast baguette sandwich/ Bacon and egg

The Zipolite Restaurants Guide: The Restaurants You Have To Visit (And A Few You Shouldn't)

Ceviche at El Alquimista

Orale Cafe

Zipolite: A Complete Travel Guide

I was also very impressed with the breakfast at Orale Cafe. I had Quiché, but Orale also offers french toast, Huevos Rancheros, omelets, bacon, and a few lunch dishes, too. I thought they had some of the best coffee in Zipolite, and their lattes were only 20 pesos. They also had good wifi. Orale is located in a beautiful garden, and I enjoyed the atmosphere.

Sal y Pimienta

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Sal y Pimentia was my favorite place to have dinner. (They offer lunch, too, but I was always too lazy to leave my beach mat.) It’s right on the beach, closer to the opposite end of El Alquimista. They had the best fish and seafood of anywhere that I ate, and the prices were unbelievable! I had grilled mahi-mahi with garlic that came with fries, salad, and rice, and a beer and water, and the total price came to $6 USD. They also had shrimp and octopus on the menu. At night, they set candles on the table which makes for a fun setting with your feet in the sand. I recommend getting there around 6 pm if you can. After that, there is usually a wait.

La Providencia

Zipolite: A Complete Travel Guide La Providencia

La Providencia is a well-known spot for gourmet dinners in Zipolite. I had an appetizer of tostones with fish, and mahi mahi which was prepared Asian style. It was delicious, but I would have enjoyed it more if I wasn’t seated right next to the living room where people are allowed to smoke. You must make reservations at La Providencia, as this is probably the most popular of the Zipolite restaurants.

Zipolite: Your Complete Travel Guide

Beach Food

Zipolite: A Complete Travel Guide

My favorite part was the vendors who came around and offered food right on the beach. Don’t miss the coconuts (and don’t pay more than 25 pesos for one-me, being the sucker I am-paid 40 pesos for one the first day), the homemade coconut or guanabana ice cream which is more like Italian ice, the mescal man, and the crispy fish tacos. So good!

Zipolite: A Complete Travel Guide

Zipolite: A Complete Travel Guide

Zipolite: A Complete Travel Guide

Best Gelato

Zipolite: A Complete Travel Guide

The best ice cream, by far, was at Tutifruti on the Main Road. An Italian woman owns the gelato shop, and her gelato was glorious. I had avocado mixed with Fior di Latte, but she had several flavors to choose from. She also had Italian desserts and kombucha for sale.

Green Juice

Zipolite: Your Complete Travel Guide

Make sure to stop one afternoon at the magic juice shop just off the Main Road. The woman at this shop makes a very healthy juice with a ton of green vegetables, fruits, and moringa. It will definitely give you enough energy to make it to your next nap on the beach!

Zipolite: Your Complete Travel Guide

Best Fish Tacos

Zipolite: Your Complete Travel Guide fish tacos

Fish tacos at El Alquimista

I ate fish tacos every day, and my favorite in Zipolite were at El Alquimista, but for the absolute best fish tacos, take a taxi for 50 pesos to San Agustinillo, and order the fish tacos at La Ola. It’s right on the beach, and their fish tacos were everything a fish taco should be. San Agustinillo has a beach that’s great for swimming, though, overall, I prefer the liveliness of Zipolite.

Zipolite: A Complete Travel Guide

Fish tacos at La Ola

Zipolite: A Complete Travel Guide

Beach at San Agustinillo

Fish Tacos To Avoid

fish tacos

I absolutely detested the fish tacos at the Colectivo Calavera Social Club. It looked like such a cute place with a walk-up window, and they specialized in fish and shrimp tacos, so my expectations were high. The fish was soggy, thin, and it seemed like it had been microwaved rather than freshly fried. I also wasn’t a fan of the batter they used. This was the worst of the Zipolite restaurants that I ate at. In fact, when I left, the owner even said, “If you liked us, tell your friends. If you didn’t, don’t tell anyone.” I’m hoping to save you from one of the worst fates. Life is short. No one deserves to eat a bad fish taco.

The Overpriced Restaurant

Fish & Love

Zipolite: A Complete Travel Guide

I was disappointed with the prices at Fish & Love. It’s the kind of restaurant, which I really like, where you pick out your fish, and they grill it. The only thing is, there are no prices. I picked out a very small red snapper, so small, that even the owner said it was small, and suggested I get some shrimp on the side, so I also ordered three shrimp, and a beer. My bill came to 300 pesos. The food was good, but not that good, considering that I had a three-course meal with wine for that price at La Providencia.

Zipolite: A Complete Travel Guide

I will definitely be going back to Zipolite beach, so if you have favorite Zipolite restaurants, please let me know in the comments below!

For my complete travel guide to Zipolite, click here. 

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  1. I’m so happy I stumbled across your article as I’ll be arriving in Zipolite this Wednesday. If the food there is half as good as they look from your photos, I’m in for a treat. I think I’ll follow you and eat the fish tacos every day 🙂
    Thanks for all the great info!

  2. I’ve just spent a month in Zipolite and found your blog to be a great resource. Fortunately, we happened upon Fish and Love our first night, before I found your blog. It was our favourite mid-price restaurant and we ate there about 5 or 6 times during our stay. The fish and seafood meals were excellent, with generous portions, and priced fairly between 100 and 120 pesos. We visited La Ola on your advice and thought the fish tacos were fine but very overpriced at 130 pesos for three small tacos.