Date A Girl Who Eats

Date a girl who eats.

Date a girl who’s counting adventures instead of calories, who’s tasting every experience that she can.  Date the girl who’s licking her fingers, and doesn’t care that you’re watching. Date the girl who isn’t afraid to eat something she’s never tried before. She’s the one sucking the marrow from the bones of life.

Date a girl who eats. 

She’s not afraid to try new things. She savors each bite that she takes. Everything she tastes lingers on her tongue. She doesn’t experience each moment. She is the moment.

Instead of closets full of shoes, she’s the one with the cabinet full of saffron spices she brought from Morocco, dark honeys that she smuggled from Spain, dried chiles that an old women handed over from a smoky fire in Mexico, and lavender that she picked from the fields of France.

Date a girl who eats. 

She will spend her money not on clothes but on truffles from the Perigord, salts from Okinawa, and spicy Tunisian harissa.

Her refrigerator will always be as full. When she isn’t looking, you will sneak into her freezer for one more bite of roasted fig, ricotta ice cream. She always carries snacks in her purse to share with you. Dark salted chocolates from Guatemala that leave just a faint taste of olive oil on the tongue, Marrakesh figs that seems to be perfumed with rose and orange blossoms, and ginger almonds from India will suddenly appear in your hands a moment before you knew you were hungry.

Date a girl who eats.

She will take you to restaurants you’ve never heard of, ethnic dives that hide on streets you’ve always been a little afraid to visit. You will taste flavors from countries you’ve only read about. You will devour meatloaf that’s even better than your Mom’s.  She will take you to greasy laden BBQ joints where the blues plays loudly in the background, and you will finally understand the difference between BBQ and grilling.  You will eat the best burger of your life.  She will take you by the hand and lead you to a cart on the street where you will have your first taco al pastor, and you will cry. But, you will blame it on the chiles.  She always knows what you are craving before you do.

She is the girl who you actually can buy a blender for on her Birthday. Just make sure it’s a Vitamix!!

Be careful, though, if you date a girl who eats, you will start daydreaming about what to feed her. You will start wondering if she would prefer roast chicken glistening with olive oil and rosemary or roasted persimmon colored carrots flavored with just a hint of vanilla. You will bring her olives from Tuscany, the smallest strawberries that you can find from the farmer’s market, Cabernet sorbets, cheeses that linger on the tongue long after the moment when they were eaten.


You won’t be able to turn your nose up at anything. She will require that you taste everything at least twice. And if you don’t like something, you’d better lie.

She will expect to taste everything on your plate.  You won’t mind because you will also get to taste everything on hers. In fact, you’d better. If you say no, she will be deeply offended. If she likes what you ordered better, you will get extra points by trading your order with hers.

You will wait patiently to enjoy your food until she’s photographed it FROM EVERY ANGLE! But, you will watch with amusement because you are watching passion and joy, and that is never a bad thing.

When you go on vacation, she will choose your hotel not based on the thread count of the sheets or the size of the shower. It will solely be based on its proximity to good street food.

Sometimes you will lose her. Her eyes are often closed when she eats. Her mind is often distracted. When she’s eating her lunch, she’s already trying to decide what to have for dinner. But she always comes back to you, her appetites ready for more, her joy for life never quite satiated.

Date a girl who eats.

And when she’s ready, she’ll cook for you. She will give you a taste of her world. And only then, will you really know what it means to truly eat.

Date a girl who eats.



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