Top 5 Ways Weather Bug Will Bring Out the Farmer In You

cherries-1433525_640Have you wanted to try planting your own food? With today’s economy, a lot of people are trying it to help sustain their families just a little bit further. If you want to try planting some new items, the use of a local radar weather app can make the task much easier. Don’t see how? Consider these benefits.

Using the Most Accurate Weather App Can Help

1 – You will know when to plant your seeds. On the back of seed packets, they tell you when they should be started indoors. They will say something like 6 weeks before the last frost. If you turn to a weather app for Android phones, it can tell you when the average last frost is so you can get the seeds started at the right time.

2 – You will know when it is going to rain. This is crucial to having plants that grow. They need just the right mix of sun and water to thrive.

3 – You will know when to bring your plants inside. Frost can kill off plants, especially young plants. By looking at the most accurate weather app, you will know when frost is coming and when to put your plants someplace warm for the night.

4 – You will know when it is going to be super sunny. When it is really sunny, this can make your plants dry out. Then, you will need to supplement their water. Knowing your local weather can help you keep the perfect balance between sun and moisture.

5 – You can protect your plants from severe weather. WeatherBug is one of the most accurate weather apps out there, but it is also nearly always up to date. If severe weather is coming your way, you can set it to let you know. That way, you can protect your crops and take shelter yourself. That way, both you and your plants are safe and sound.

If you are going to try and plant some crops this year, consider starting off the process by downloading WeatherBug today!

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