Where I Find The Best Ice Cream Recipes

Where I Find The Best Ice Cream Recipes

Those of you who follow me on Facebook and Instagram and see all the unique ice creams that I make have asked me for the recipes. I’m a big believer that if you are going to make homemade ice cream, you should make flavors that you can’t buy at the store. So, this post is for you. Here’s where I have found the best ice cream recipes that have made so many people happy.

Where I Find The Best Ice Cream Recipes

Where I Find The Best Ice Cream Recipes

1. Salty Vanilla Custard, Coconut Cajeta, And Other Unusual Ice Cream Flavors

The Best Ice Cream Recipes

Salty vanilla custard with rosewater madeleines

My favorite ice cream is Jeni’s ice cream. Her unusual ice cream recipes are the best ice cream recipes I’ve found, and her ice cream is what inspired me to make such unique flavors. I bought both of her books, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream Desserts and downloaded them on my Kindle. Her Ice Creams At Home book has the best salted caramel ice cream recipe that I’ve ever had. There’s also a wonderful 5-spice pumpkin ice cream recipe that is to die for. 

2. Banana Honey Mezcal Ice Cream, Bourbon Manhattan, Fried Chicken and Waffle

The Best Ice Cream Recipes

Banana Honey Mezcal Ice Cream

The Coolhaus Ice Cream book is another book with unique ice cream flavors and cookie recipes, so you can make ice cream sandwiches. I love the boozy ice cream section, as adding alcohol to an ice cream recipe gives it the best texture.

3. Dark Chocolate & Orange (A Chocwork Orange), Asian Spiced Ginger (Gingiana Jones)

The Best Ice Cream Recipes

Dark Chocolate & Orange Ice Cream

Remember the ice cream shop that made headlines for selling breast milk ice cream? That was The Icecreamists, and, yes, the recipe is in the book. The Icecreamists has many creative ice cream recipes in the book, and even more creative names for their ice cream. The descriptions in the book also make for great entertainment. And, yes, the breast milk ice cream recipe is in the book, if you must.

4. Tiramisu Ice Cream
Where I Find The Best Ice Cream Recipes

I found the Tiramisu ice cream recipe on Cooking With Curls, and let me just tell you, adding 16 ounces of cream cheese to ice cream is just about the best idea ever. Because the only thing better than tiramisu is tiramisu ice cream.

5. Black Horchata

Where To Find The Best Ice Cream Recipes

Making a horchata ice cream with black Forbidden rice made for a beautifully colored ice cream. I’d substitute cream cheese for the mascarpone next time, as the mascarpone made it a bit gritty. I got the recipe from Lemon Fire Brigade.

6. Orange & Sichuan Peppercorn Ice Cream With Chocolate Chunks

Where I Find The Best Ice Cream Recipes


I loved the heat of the Sichuan peppers combined with the orange and chocolate. This was an ice cream that lingers on your tongue and in your mind long after you’ve had it. This brilliant ice cream recipe was from Reclaiming Provincial.

7. Toasted Oak Ice Cream With Smoked Sea Salt & Lapsang Souchong Caramel Swirl

Where To Find The Best Ice Cream RecipesThis was definitely the most complicated ice cream recipe that I’ve ever made, but it was excellent. I would add sweetened condensed milk to the caramel next time, as I’ve since learned that will prevent the caramel from getting hard when freezing. I also used cherry wood instead of oak, and it was incredible. I got the recipe from Local Milk.

8. Cinnamon Ice Cream With Applewood Smoked Salted Cider Caramel

Where To Find The Best Ice Cream Recipes

This was another decadent ice cream flavor that I loved dearly. It’s perfect for Autumn. It would be great served with apple or pecan pie. I got the recipe from Bread and Barrow.

9. Peppermint Ice Cream

Where I Find The Best Ice Cream Recipes

Peppermint ice cream was the perfect Christmas Eve ice cream, and it went perfectly with chocolate Torte. I used the Pioneer Woman’s peppermint ice cream recipe, and I found it to be just perfect.

10. Ancho Chile & Cacao Nib Ice Cream

Where I Find The Best Ice Cream Recipes

This was my absolute favorite ice cream flavor ever. The smoky, earthy Ancho chiles combined perfectly with the cacao nibs. There was a hint of spice, just enough to make my tongue tingle. The bitterness of the cacao nibs left a perfect edge of flavor in my mouth that left me wanting more. This spicy/sweet ice cream recipe came from Sift & Wisk.

People also ask what kind of ice cream maker I use. I’ve been using a Cusinart where you put the canister in the freezer. It’s great, but it requires planning out my ice cream making at least 2 days in advance. My next choice, though, would be the VonShef Ice Cream Maker (on sale now!), so that I don’t have to freeze the canister ahead of time. 

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