Eating My Way Through The Mercato di Capo in Palermo, Sicily

Discovering the Mercato di Capo in Palermo was like finding the Italy of my dreams. Locals filled the streets doing their shopping for the day. I felt like I had been cheated by what they consider to be produce fit for eating back in America. The fruits and vegetables at the Mercato di Capo were vibrant, fresh, and gleaming. Stalls of olives, wines, bread, cheese, and sun-dried tomatoes all beckoned me closer for a taste. Many of the vendors offered me a taste of the food they were selling. This market has a lot of history and used to be the Arab market before the Normans arrived. I felt like I had indeed stepped back in time and could have stayed at this market all day. Streets of Palermo IMG_3670-002

The Capo Market is one of four outdoor markets in Palermo. It was a definite treat for the senses!IMG_3671-002 IMG_3672-001 IMG_3673-001 IMG_3675-001 IMG_3676-001 IMG_3677-001 IMG_3678-001 IMG_3679-001 IMG_3680-001 IMG_3682-001 IMG_3686-001 IMG_3687-001 IMG_3688-001 IMG_3690-001 IMG_3692-001

The locals were incredibly friendly and for some reason everyone wanted their picture with me. Hmm, imagine that!IMG_3695-002 IMG_3699-001It was a cold morning and a promise of rain hung in the chilly air, but everyone did their work with great joy and gusto.

IMG_3700-001 IMG_3701-001 IMG_3702-001 IMG_3703-001 IMG_3707-002 IMG_3708-001 IMG_3710-002 IMG_3711-001 IMG_3712-001 IMG_3716-001 IMG_3717-001 IMG_3718-001 IMG_3719-001 IMG_3720-001 IMG_3721-001 IMG_3722-002 IMG_3723-001

It was hard not to keep stopping in the pastry shops on the way for sweets and an espresso. The streets of Palermo are filled with beautiful architecture, and I enjoyed walking around and exploring this historic city. It was full of life, activity and good tastes. IMG_3728-002

Fountain in Palermo, Sicily

The Mercato di Capo is located on Via Porta Carini and most of the local food products are found in the Via Volturno section of the market. 

Hours Mon-Tue: 7:00am-8:00pm; Wed: 7:00am-1:00pm; Thu-Sat: 7:00am-8:00pm; Sun: 7:00am-1:00pm

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