Some of the Best Airport Restaurants from Different Continents


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These days, airports are more than just busy landing fields that see and hear a huge wave of emotions every day. With a plethora of ways to ease the worries of a long flight, airports, a the ideal spot for some of the most famous and delicious cuisines a city has to offer. In some ways, these joints capture the region’s signature taste and give passengers a perfect parting gift. Having said that, here are some of the best airport restaurants from the biggest continents in the world:

Salt Lick BBQ at Austin Bergstrom International Airport (North America)

As a testament to its major popularity in the city, Salt Lick BBQ now has two freestanding locations in Austin, Texas. One of which is set inside Austin Bergstrom International Airport. Though the airport outlet has limited choices on the menu, it still captures the true essence of classic American grub. Upon arrival, the delightfully smoky aroma of Salt Lick invites passengers to dig into some mouth-watering, carnivorous treats. Beef brisket sandwiches, sausages, and pork ribs are just a few of the restaurant’s specialties; all served with fantastic side dishes. Furthermore, their peach cobbler is a perfect way to cap off every meal.

The Perfectionists’ Café at Heathrow Airport (Europe)


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Heathrow – and London– may be notorious for its traffic to and from the airport, but once inside, The Perfectionists’ Café makes all the hassles worth it. Finding parking spaces are somewhat of a challenge for locals going through Heathrow, that’s why some passengers opt for the city’s excellent public transportation systems. Parking4Less, a UK-based parking aggregator, lists efficient options including the Heathrow Express, the Heathrow Connect, and the London Underground. That way, travellers will have more time feasting on the food at The Perfectionists’ Café. Coming from the brainchild of celebrity chef, Heston Bluementhal, the restaurant goes back to the basics in terms of creating versions of the UK’s most popular dishes. From the classic fish and chips to sinful yet delectable steak, the café offers dishes that are as close to perfection as possible. Add to that the fact that The Perfectionists’ Café is perched over the airport with a bird’s eye view of the runway, and passengers get a taste of the good life.

Kim Choo’s Nonya Kitchen at Changi Airport (Asia)

Nyonya Chang😋so nice!!! #kimchoo #singapore 想念外婆包的bak chang😔😞

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From the first outlet in Joo Chiat Place, Kim Choo’s Nonya Kitchen delivers the best meat-filled rice dumplings to travellers in Singapore’s Changi Airport. At first glance, the restaurant doesn’t scream luxury cuisine, but at the end of the day, customers leave with a belly full of Asian goodness and a desire for more. The simple 30-seater Nonya Kitchen reflects the vibe of a typical home meal with old favorites such as the Nyonya chicken curry, which is a spicy, coconut-based dish, served over potatoes and steamed rice. Another is the Bakwan kepiting that’s a mixture of minced pork and prawn balls with bamboo shoot and oyster mushrooms topped in a delicious pork-infused consommé. All in all, Kim Choo’s Nonya Kitchen gives would-be travellers a pleasant boost before a long trip.

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