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Which Parts Of Greece Do Foodies Choose And Why


Few people really know what good food means. Wherever you travel in Greece, you will constantly be confronted with a traditional delicacy, a trademark of the local cuisine of each destination. The foodies of the country know very well where to find them, and in fact, do not miss the opportunity to make a trip to them when given a chance.

But what are those dishes that will make us get in the car/plane and make a trip on these occasions? And most importantly, where will we try them in their best version? So, we gathered eight traditional dishes in eight different destinations throughout Greece to put you in a delicious temptation but also to give you another occasion for the organization of your next trip.

Portaria for Pelion Spetsofai

In the villages of Pelion, in addition to walking in picturesque alleys, admiring the traditional buildings of local architecture, to observe nature up close in all its glory, to obtain local products, such as tsipouro, homemade jams and pastries, you will have the opportunity to try excellent local recipes from the famous Pelion cuisine. One of the most prominent representatives of the traditional cuisine of the area is the Pelion Spetzofai. A classic, simple dish with a unique taste with essential ingredients of sausage and peppers. The fanatical foodies who know how to have a good time accompany it ideally with local tsipouro.

Monodendri for the flour pie of Kikitsa

The fame of Mrs. Kikitsa flour cake from Monodendri travels all over Greece. In fact, many choose as a destination or even visit for food the specific village of Zagori to try this different pie. And we say different because it is not a pie with a traditional sheet as we all have in mind. This is a traditional recipe of grandmother Kikitsa – the secret of her success remains hidden since 1958 – which is prepared with flour, cheese, eggs and butter. Where to eat it: In the square of Monodendri, Pita of Kikitsa owes its name to the specialty of the tavern. Here you will try an excellent flour pie in its original version, based on a traditional recipe.

Naoussa for meatballs with brine

From the most authentic dishes of Naoussa, the meatballs with brine should be included in your choices when you are in the only heroic city of the country. This is a traditional recipe, simple, very easy and delicious. The fried meatballs are “dipped” in flour sauce – flour, tomato sauce in pulp, water and garlic are used for its preparation – and are offered deliciously in most taverns of the city.

In Naoussa, you can go either by bus or train and of course by car, in your car. The distance of Naoussa from the city of Thessaloniki is about 90 kilometres, while from Athens, the distance is about 510 kilometres. Ideally, you are recommended to leave the city of Thessaloniki with your own car or with a rental so that you can enjoy this wonderful route with comfort and safety. So you can choose to rent a car through the company Enjoy Travel for an advantageous and economical rental offer.

Kastoria for cabbage rolls

The word “sarmades” to those who are not from Northern Greece usually sounds unknown. It is a traditional dish that is eaten mainly in winter, which is none other than the well-known cabbage rolls. For Kastoria, it is one of the traditional dishes of the local cuisine and stands out in the choices of its visitors. Their peculiarity in relation to the classic cabbage stuffing lies in the fact that the cabbage leaves used for the preparation of the cabbage are kept for a while in the water with salt or otherwise brine.

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