Why Clean Water Is Important For Drinking And Cooking When Traveling

Water is essential for every life form on the planet. Humans are about 60% water, and drinking it daily allows your cells to work properly and improves your overall health.

If you don’t already have a filter on your water system at home, then its time you spoke to a water filters Sydney specialist. But what about when you’re travelling?

The same threats that pose a problem at home can be present when you’re traveling; in some countries the water quality controls are much lower. You need to make sure your water is clean before you use it for drinking or cooking.

The Risk Of Water When Traveling

Bacteria can get into the water supply and stay there, breeding. The most common ones are E.coli, salmonella and cholera. But they are not the only ones. Hepatitis A, polio and protozoa can be found and chemical pollutants can also cause an issue.

It is also possible that the water is safe to drink for the locals but not for you. Their bodies have adapted to the water supply while the pathogens are alien to yours.

The outcome of drinking unclean water ranges from mild sickness to death; depending on the nature of the disease and the strength of your immune system.

The other element to consider is the mineral content of the water. There are a variety of metals that can be naturally present in water. Dangerous ones are removed by the addition of chemicals at the treatment plant.

But, if these are not recognized or added then you could experience a build-up of metals in your body which will harm your health in the long-term.

Where Water Is A Risk

The simple fact is that anywhere you travel can be affected by unclean water. You’re aware of this at home and use water filters, bottled water and even purification tablets to ensure it is safe.

The same approach should be used when you are travelling.

It doesn’t matter if you are drinking the water, washing your vegetables or cooking with it; the bacteria can still be present.

Central America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East are all places where the water is known to be unclean. These are the places you have to pay particular attention to make sure you use travel filter, purification tablet or at the very least boil the water.

It is also worth being aware that the water may be safe in some major hotels but this does not mean it is safe across the country.

The safest approach is to use a water filter or purification tablets when you are travelling.

Bottled Water

Don’t forget that bottled water is only safe if the bottle is properly sealed and has a tamper proof tag. Otherwise it could simply be the local tap water in a bottle!

It is also important to consider the water you use when brushing your teeth or washing. If it is contaminated the bacteria can still enter your body; it is advisable to always purify the water to make sure you stay healthy.

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