The Margaret River Region: One of Australia’s Top Foodie Destinations

Margaret River Region Photo Credit:

Margaret River Region Photo Credit:

If you are looking for an Australian holiday destination that offers up amazing food, wine, and adventure, then the Margaret River Region is just right for you. The Margaret River Region is located in Western Australia about 3 hours south of Perth on the west coast. You can hire a car from one of Budget Australia locations.

When you have a car rental, you can travel to the different sites you want to see on your own schedule. There is much to see and do in Margaret River. It is one of Australia’s most popular wine growing regions. A robust restaurant and farm to table movement has grown in the area making it popular for food and wine enthusiasts.

In addition to all the vineyard tours, amazing food and great restaurant chefs there are the beaches, the nearby forests and underground cave system that make for an excellent and well-rounded holiday. All of these dramatically different landscapes and things to do are all within driving distance. Margaret River also offers a variety of accommodations from camping or glamping in the forests to vineyard bed and breakfasts, or luxury beachside villas. Margaret River truly has something for everyone’s taste and budget. Here’s a bit about what you can see and do in the Margaret River Region.

Margaret River Food, Restaurants, and Markets

Margaret River Region Food Photo Credit:

Margaret River Region Food Photo Credit:

Margaret River Region Food Photo Credit:

The rich vineyards and great wines have attracted a growing foodie scene. New restaurants, fresh markets, and a farm to table movement have attracted some of the best chefs to the region. When visiting the region, you know that you are going to be able to dine on some of the best and unique local eats including fresh seafood and produce.

Tasting and pairing menus are available as well as vineyard and winery tours. In addition to wineries and vineyards, you will also find breweries, cideries, and distilleries here. The region boasts award-winning winery restaurants, cafes, beach side eateries, bistros, pubs, beer gardens, and more.

Remember to explore the café precincts and eateries in the region’s towns: Margaret River, Dunsborough, Busselton, Yallingup, and Augusta. Whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, your choices will be vast and you won’t be disappointed no matter which you choose. Indulge in the amazing gastronomy scene that the region has created and developed here over the years. Chances are that when you go, one of the many gourmet events might be going on in the region.

Each year, the main event is the Margaret River Gourmet Escape in November, but there is also the South West Craft Beer Festival in February, the Annual Knotting Hill Marron Feast in June and Oktoberfest. If there isn’t an event when you plan your holiday, there are always markets every week where you can buy culinary delights and gourmet souvenirs.

National Parks and Forests

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse at Cape Leeuwin – Naturaliste National Park Photo Credit:

Bonarup Karri Forest Photo Credit:

There are a lot of national parks in the region surrounding Perth and near Margaret River. All of the protected forest lands are just waiting to be explored. Boating, bushwalking, hiking, and camping are all popular activities in the parks near Margaret River and throughout the southern section of Western Australia. The national park lands mean diverse animal and plant life to see thanks to the protected status that allows nature and wilderness to flourish.


Lake Cave Photo Credit:

Under the nearby forests is one of the largest cave systems in Australia. There are over 150 limestone caves, so you should plan to take at least a few different guided tours during your stay in the Margaret River Region. There are different types cave tours available and something for all types of fitness levels. The scenery of the caves and vast beauty under the earth are fascinating to see and definitely should not be missed.

Beaches & Coast

Surfing Photo Credit:

Whale Watching Photo Credit: Margaret

The beaches and coastline in Margaret River are beautiful and unique. There are sheltered and secluded white beaches sand beaches along Geographe Bay and the Indian Ocean coastline. Thanks to the bay, there are warm, calm waters to frolic in. You can go swimming, kayaking, walk along the beach, or just relax. With more than ten different beaches, you are sure to find one that you love.

During migration season, whale watching is popular, you can charter a boat or you can just see the whales right off the coast from the different lookouts and vantage points. Whale watching season lasts for 6 months in the winter and spring time in Margaret River. So, if you are visiting between June and early December, chances are you can see one of the many species of whales that pass through these waters including Humpback, southern right, minke, and blue whales.

The variety of whale watching charter options, different vantage points, long season, different whales, and the chance to see mothers with newborn calves makes the Margaret River Region one of the best whale watching spots in Australia.

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