Lanzarote — A Much Underrated Foodie’s Paradise


Lanzarote has an interesting local cuisine with influences from Spain, Africa and Latin America. You would be forgiven for assuming that, as an island, seafood would be the main dish of choice but Lanzarote focuses a lot more on meat than you would expect. Stews are very popular on this Canary Island with the type of stew, or el potaje, changing with the seasons. Here are some of the dishes and places to keep your eye open for while you’re on your Lanzarote holiday.

Castillo De San José (Arrecife)

The restaurant in the Museo Internacional de Arte Contemporaneo boasts a reputation as one of the very best on the island. The fish dishes are created with freshly caught fish. Soups are popular in Lanzarote, and this restaurant serves a particularly good shellfish soup as a specialty.

La Cantina (Teguise)

This restaurant is the perfect example of local cuisine. Not only does it serve Lanzarote’s traditional dishes such as goat’s cheese, mojo sauces and Gofio, it also sources all of its food locally. You know that whatever you choose from the menu you’ll be getting a truly authentic taste.

La Tegala (Las Palmas)

The chef of La Tegala brings excitement and creativity to the menu while you enjoy great views across to Fuerteventura. There’s a range of fresh seafood including lobster and squid, or the traditional meat, roast kid, can be tried here.

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La Bocaina (Playa Blanca)

You can let it come to you with La Bocaina Catering which will serve you in the comfort of your accommodation. A top chef will cook whatever you want, whether you fancy a traditional stew such as the puchero, a tasty fish dish with the common papas arrugadas (baby potatoes boiled in seawater – often known as Canarian potatoes) or even paella for up to 40 people on your terrace. This gives you the chance to enjoy local cuisine without going out but with no dishes to do!

Drinks and Desserts

There tends to be a mixture of local wine and wine from mainland Spain. By far the most popular wine available is the sweet tasting Malvaisa, a wine which goes perfectly with dessert. Rum is the liquor of choice and the traditional Spanish Sangria is particularly strong on this island.

Bienmesabe is a traditional dessert found on restaurant menus, and is made with honey, almonds and ice cream. Frangollo is a corn-based milk pudding that is flavored with cinnamon, honey and brandy, but if you can find a menu that has torrijas on it you should definitely try these sweet fritters and add a scoop of ice cream to them.


The blend of international influences makes the cuisine of Lanzarote a uniquely delicious experience. Travelers who enjoy experimenting with their food will find plenty of new dishes to try, while anyone who isn’t feeling as adventurous will always find something on the menu that they like.

Images by Kent Wang, Katie Belle and MortizBarcelona, used under Creative Commons license.

Author Bio Sheena Dawson is a freelance food writer and an adventurer. She feels there’s nothing like trying a new food or activity, and the quirkier it is the better.

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