How to Make Your Restaurant Menu Healthy

If you own a food service company, you are already aware of the many benefits associated with owning a walk-in cooler.

These large machines work 24/7 to keep your food at the right temperature so it’s fresh and safe to eat once cooked. Meat is often stored in walk-in coolers. But other frozen food varieties can be found as a part of an established restaurant’s equipment’s collection.

Walk-in coolers not only help keep your meat and other perishable food items safe, they also help add more food storage options to your restaurant. This allows you to offer a broader range of healthy menu options for your customers to enjoy.

Another way that you can add healthier food and drink options is by offering fresh juices and smoothies to your customers. Add a smoothie bar in your restaurant or offer a variety of mixed fruit juices containing fresh pulp filled with essential vitamins and nutrients.

Robot Coupe is a brand that is well-known throughout the restaurant and hospitality industries. They manufacture commercial juicers, blenders, mixers and pulp extractors that can create healthy menu items.

Healthy smoothies, sauces, and blends are sure to get the attention of health-conscious customers in your local area.

How to Improve Your Restaurant’s Menu and Make it Healthier

With any type of new addition to your restaurant, you should start small to see how well your customers adjust to the new items. You shouldn’t remove any items at first, especially not anything that is popular among your frequent customers.

Next, you need to think about what type of healthy menu items you want to focus on.

You may want to offer low-carb dishes minus the pasta or bread. Or you may want to offer low-fat dishes that are heavy on the protein and leafy green vegetables. You can also go with low-calorie options, high-protein, foods that have high nutritional value, or those that are low in sugar.

You may be able offer foods from all the above categories. But if you focus on one or two areas such as low carb and low-fat, you can introduce new menu items much easier to your customers.

Let Your Customers Know More About What They’re Eating

By adding as much nutritional information about your main entrees, side dishes and desserts, you can allow your customers to make their own healthy choices based on their personal diet plans.

This can be very useful to people such as diabetics who don’t want to consume a large amount of carbs or sugar. And it allows even those who aren’t dieting to learn more about what they are putting into their bodies, helping everyone to be more health conscious.

A New Walk-In Cooler and Robot Coupe Juicers Can Help You Improve Your Restaurant Menu

If you are looking for simple solutions that will help you offer more healthy food items to your loyal customers, you should look into the benefits of storing your perishable items inside walk-in coolers. And the same can be said about adding fruit blenders, mixers, and food processors to your restaurant equipment.

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