Bon APPetit: Top 5 Apps For The Foodie In All Of Us

When you’re a foodie, your mind is always on your next meal, searching out food that can delight your eyes before igniting your taste buds. You love food. You can’t help it; it just tastes so good.

Being a foodie isn’t always easy. Your journey to find the next transcendent meal can be all-consuming; your habit of Instagramming your dinner before you eat can try the patience of friends and family; and you have to constantly defend your down-home love of food against people who think you’re an elitist snob.

It’s time you give yourself a break. Make life easier by taking advantage of what your iPhone can do for you. Check out these top 5 apps from the App Store and unleash your inner foodie.

1. Off the Menu

You’ve always suspected it, and now Off the Menu has confirmed it: some of your favorite restaurants have secret menu items that only an elite few know to order. This handy little app collects restaurants, bars, and cafés from all over North America with dishes kept on the down-low. Search through the over 2,000 hidden items to see what the chefs behind places like Gramercy Tavern, A16, and even Chipotle are playing around with and get a chance to taste something special.

2. Chefs Feed

Move over Yelp and UrbanSpoon, there’s a bigger, badder app in town. Who hasn’t always wanted to see where the biggest names in the cooking world go to grab a meal? Now you can! Chefs Feed has chefs like David Chang and Mario Batali sharing their favorite discoveries, so you can find the best hangover food, the best dim sum, or the best whatever you want in your neighborhood. It links restaurants all over North America and the UK, so you can use this while you’re vacationing during Spring Break. Wherever you use it, it offers up the top-rated locations, dishes, and events, as well as insights on getting the most out of your dining experience.

3. OpenTable

This app will change your life. Once it’s on your iPhone, you can make and manage reservations to your favorite restaurants with only a few swipes of your thumb. This extensive app is connected with 37,000 restaurants around the world, so it’s the perfect mobile addition whether you’re at home or abroad this Spring Break. More importantly, you get points for every reservation you fulfil. Once the restaurant has to confirm you arrived, these points can be redeemed for coupons or cash. Getting paid for doing something you love is a no brainer!

4. Fork It

This app is for the unfortunate foodie who hates to cook. As much as you don’t want to, you have to do it; going from one Michelin star restaurant to another isn’t exactly easy on the wallet, and dollar store ramen doesn’t hold its appeal after you’ve tasted a Zagat approved meal. Ryan Waliany and Serena Wu, the developers behind Fork It, are also responsible for Kitchenbowl — an interactive recipe sharing app designed to make cooking fun. If it came into effect this year.

Building on what they’ve created with Kitchenbowl, Waliany and Wu call Fork It a “Fitbit for food”. The app helps you track your meals you’ve made, quantifying the data in order to show how you’ve progressed. It helps you find the motivation to cook at home consistently by creating healthy competition between other users through cooking challenges. Forget about how many steps you take a day — now you’ll be tracking how many gnocchi you make!

All that time in the kitchen can get messy, especially if you’re using Fork It’s built-in recipe database. You can wipe your fingers on a tea towel before you swipe to the next page, but there’s not much you can do about your bubbling red sauce. Luckily, the amateur chefs and tech protection experts at the dbrand offices understand kitchen conditions, and they’ve created iPhone skins that save your device from the messiest recipes. The latest iPhone skins from dbrand are grime-resistant and can stand up to any Béchamel, curry, or gravy.

5. Happy Cow

Anyone who’s tried to eliminate meat from their diet knows how easy a special night out with friends can end up with you eating a salad with a side of fries while everyone else devours actual food. Well, vegans and vegetarians rejoice — there’s finally an app that makes finding a delicious and cruelty-free restaurant in your neighborhood easy. This handy addition to your iPhone makes dining out as a veg head, as it collects all the vegan, vegetarian, and veg-friendly restaurants around the world.

Experience life as a foodie as it was meant to be, and let these apps help you find the next greatest meal of your life. You can find these on the App Store, plus many more you might like. If “Not Enough Storage” messages are getting you down, it’s time to say goodbye to old photographs of meals from days past to free up some space on your iPhone. Trust us, it’s worth it.

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