6 Best Places To Eat Breakfast In Malta

In Malta, there’s no need to succumb to monotony for breakfast. Whilst the average Maltese may happily start their day with a cup of sweet tea and a pastizzi (savoury ricotta or pea filled pastry), this tiny island nation offers a myriad of breakfast spots that will ensure that your most important meal of the day is never a boring one. Here are the 6 best Malta breakfasts that are worth a try.

Taproom, Valletta

Malta’s charmingly diminutive capital, Valletta, offers a perfect setting for an early morning stroll. Once you get hungry, head over to Taproom Brasserie and Bar on Old Theatre Street to enjoy a delicious breakfast. From freshly made French baguettes to poached eggs and pancakes, Taproom offers an excellent variety of healthy breakfast options as well as hearty sweet treats to kickstart your day. Their homemade Muesli with fresh fruits, nuts and honey is to die for!

Mint, Sliema

Located just off the beautiful Sliema waterfront, this popular café has no fixed menu but instead you can find a mouth-watering display of freshly-made breakfast and lunch foods. Offering international dishes ranging from Mexican bean cakes to Thai fish cakes, one can easily spend a good few minutes glaring at the display, wishing they could have a little bite of just about everything. Mint also happens to be one of the few places in Malta where vegetarians and vegans are well catered for.

Debbie’s Cafe, Mellieha

This is the ultimate haven for sugar addicts. A place that has warm chocolate brownies with popcorn ice cream on their menu would without doubt be one of the top spots on my list of places to visit! If you don’t want to sugar overload for breakfast, I suggest you try their delicious (and huge) English breakfast plate or Cuban sandwich. If you happen to visit on a Sunday, go for their veggie breakfast special with Halloumi cheese and avocado. You won’t be disappointed. The rumour is that Debbie’s has also got the best pancakes in Malta…

Piadina Caffe, Valletta

This tiny but cosy Italian café has some seriously good coffee and plenty of healthy and tasty breakfast options to choose from – AND it’s of fantastic value! A big bowl of tasty Muesly with yoghurt and fruits and a cappuccino will set you back by only €5.50! …and anything you order is guaranteed to be freshly made and prepared with love. 

Crystal Palace, Rabat

This is the ultimate local’s eatery and the place where the best pastizzi in Malta comes from. There isn’t a day that this tiny hole in the wall doesn’t have people lined up outside, trying to get hold of their famous ricotta or split pea pastizzis. This rustic place is so quintessentially Maltese that it just has to go on your list of must-visit places!

Terrone, Marsaxlokk

“Life is short, eat dessert first” should be everyone’s motto. If you’re looking for something traditional Maltese or Mediterranean but pastizzi just won’t cut it for you, visit this quirky restaurant in Marsaxlokk fishing village and treat yourself to some of the best homemade sweets in Malta. Their almond tart and Sicilian cannoli with pistachio ice cream are OMG! 

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