5 traditional dishes to eat in Rome


For those who are lovers of adventure and discovery, Rome is among the top tourist destinations in the world. Of the many tourist attractions, the Italian cuisines served in Rome are an outstanding maestro. The Roman cuisine is professionally prepared with the seasonal ingredients, especially those from the Roman Campagna. Below are five outstanding delicacies that will make you want to pack your bags and fly to Rome today:

1. Veal Saltimbocca alla Romana

This is a tasty meal made from veal medallions that are sliced into small pieces. It is also made from cutlets that are cooked in wine sauce and then a topping of sage, cheese and prosciutto is added. Other ingredients such as capers and butter can also be included to increase the sweetness of this delicacy. This delicacy never disappoints even for first timers. Its attractive look is matched by the sweetness derived from it.

2. Quinto Quarto

This is a special delicacy which has its origin from the Testaccio neighborhood. The name Quinto Quarto came to be when slaughterhouse workers were used to being paid with meat off-cuts and interiors; these parts were equal to quarter of the weight of an animal. It is from these meat off-cuts that the people working in these restaurants discovered this delicacy that is highly recognized today. Every person visiting Rome should take this meal and have a taste of the Roman traditional delicacies.

3. Spaghetti alla Carbonara

Preparing pasta is a specialty among the Italian top chefs. One of the most outstanding delicacies is the Spaghetti alla Carbonara; a sauce that consists of balanced flavors from different ingredients. These ingredients include: Pecorino Romano and Parmigiano cheese, butter, eggs, black pepper and pancetta. The name Carbonara is derived from coal because this food was an all-time favorite for coal miners in Italy.

4. Da Danilo

This is another type of Roman pasta that is highly regarded due to its combination of fresh black pepper and the pecorino Romano. It also includes eggs and smoked pork jowl, also known as guanciale to make this meal outstanding in taste and appearance. Some of the factors that make this meal one of a kind is that it is fresh and does not incorporate peas or cream.

5. Pasta di Ceci

Pasta di Ceci is a dish that is made with soaked chickpeas and pasta. This is a thick Roman soup that is seasoned with rosemary. The meal is normally served on Fridays because there is a Catholic tradition that obliges people to take meals with no meat content on Fridays. Roman Pasta di Ceci is outstanding from the one served in other parts of Italy because it has an extra ingredient known as anchovies. This ingredient adds a little saltiness to the meal, making it tastier and outstanding.

These are five of the many traditional delicacies that people can enjoy in Rome. There is no limitation at all when it comes to breakfast, lunch or evening meals because every meal served is one of a kind. Appetizers are also offered in plenty, just to make sure that you leave enough space for these tantalizing meals.

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